Last updated May 7:th 2015

Latest News:

Working with this summers program for the Sunshine Socialist Cinema; Kristianstad Konsthall, Signal, Moderna Museet Malmö, Astrid Noacks Ateljéer Köpenhamn,Cinema Ntlhaveni, Mosambique among other places

Working on the images for Sunshine Socialist Cinemas Manual for Enlightenment. How to start your own solarpowered cinema. Will be translated to spanish and portuguese for distribution in Mosambique, Colombia and Chile when we are invited for projects 2015-2017. PDF version of the handbook here.


Exhibiting Panoramadingdång 3 m wide lightbox at CAC Landskrona


Tools and thumbs. Handicraft by the handicapped. Thumbed urns made from leather cords. Industrially cut brass models of tools used for textile crafts (needles, loom parts). Invited by Pia Mauno to participate in Skräddaren som rebell a group of artists curators and writers who all have textile background, reading and researching together. Seminare in juni in Lackö castle, exhibition and book later on.


Reverence monitor. Spastically dancing tubes, used to advertise car washes. Bowing dervishes before a projected film compiling Youtube clips of men dresssed as animals, who work as sports mascots or advertise a phone company. The contemporary consumption of secularity. Installation view from Ronneby konsthall. Desorientering vr Pluralism

Study for Reverence monitor. Industrial fan inflating protubing sculpture, temporarily creating an elevated line


Working on a weaving piece for the show Lige ved naesten curated by Karen Land Hansen and Gerd Ratje, other artists in the show: Jens Haaning, Superflex,YNKB and others, Lemvig, Denmark January, 2015


Everyone Doesn´t Eat Meatballs in Sweden, curated by Martin Schibli, showing Sunshine Socialist Cinema, Swetlana Heger, Learning Site, Annika Ström among others. NCCA, Samara, Russia.


Sunshine Socialist Cinema screening at Stadsodlingssafari Rain in September, Vanadislunden, Stockholm.

Publishing some photographic pieces in Jana Wendlers thesis on experimental and playful spaces in Christiania and the Prinzessinnengarten. Jana Wendlers is PhD Researcher Human Geography, University of Manchester

Sunshine Socialist Cinema screening in Tantolunden as a part of Klimatfilmfestivalen in Stockholm September


DIE DIELE C/O PING PONG, curated by Johan Furåker and Gert-Olle Göransson. Gallery Ping Pong, Malmö, Sweden. August.

Sunshine Socialist Cinema screening in Höja during the summer, now with the VW bus as an extra exhibition space. Posters in the garden from Learning Site, Formfront, Conny Blom, Galago among others.

Showing at the residence of the Cultural attaché in Moscow, Russia


Woven Popova. In Search of the New Industrial Culture at the NCCA Ural Branch, Jkaterinburg, Russia curated by Martin Schibli. Based on studies of and readings on the work of Lyubov Popova.


Sunshine Socialist Cinema showing at Gotlands Konstmuseum, Visby, Sweden, February.


Sunshine Socialist Cinema showing at the Göteborg International Biennal for Contemporary art curated by Joanna Warsza. September 7 til November 17 2013. Pictures Dorota Lukianska


The Ambassador of Lademoen appeared daily in Trondheim city centre throughout the period of the exhibition Lademoen Kunstdialoger (Lademoen Art Dialogues), arranged by Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder. His job is to gather information on what the inhabitants of Trondheim know about the area of Lademoen, and what their image of Lademoen looks like.follow the2 week walk and talk on

Sunshine Socialist Cinema showing at the Shiryaevo Biennale for Contemporary Art, Russia August 9 til September 9 2013

Sunshine Socialist Cinema screening in Höja, Sweden on the14th of July. Showing Pirate by Annika Larsson and Tomorrow by Andrey Gryazev, a documentary about Voina.

Participating in the Naked curated by Erik Berggren Musem of Forgetting

I´m one of the artists representing ANNAELLE GALLERY at 26 April - 5 May

ANNAELLEGALLERY April 25:th together with Julia Stepp. Showing Palimpcity
De-contructed and re-constructed images of a hybrid city were I use craft to weave together the different layers of the city's history and future.


Sunshine Socialist Cinema showing the Enthusiasts: Archive by artists Marysia Lewandowska and Neil Cummings in Angelholm April 2013

Working with a city project for Dialogues initiated by LKV, Trondheim, Norway

Living and working in Lisboa, Portugal, January- February 2013.

Groupexhibition at Kulturpolice, Kleipeda, Lithuania. Falling from Grace curated by Martin Schibli. Showing Panooramadingdong, the animation.

ANNAELLEGALLERY, Christmas show. Showing Palimpcity

Unofficial Nobel Peace Prize, curated by Bergman/Salinas.

Open House at Iaspis 21-22 september 2012. I will show collaborations with Kalle Brolin, Mapping Panther Politics and a presentation/screening with and on a portable version of Sunshine Socialist Cinema.

Launching Sunshine Socialist Cinema in Höja. Run by Kalle Brolin and Kristina Müntzing, together with a study group in the ABF (Workers Educational Association). An outdoor cinema powered by solar panels. Re-distributing surplus of light from day to night. A Sunshine Socialist Cinema, showing films that provide fuel for discussions of general leftwing topics, or socialism. Free entrance, open to all interested parties. This summer we showed: Workers Leaving the Factory by Harun Farocki. Politicamente Correcto! by Claudia Del Fierro Space Debris by Lina Persson and 5 Factories by Dario Azzelini & Oliver Ressler


Mapping Panther Politics included in exhibition Det Politiska är Kollektivt-Fraktioner curated by Museet för Glömska at Passagen, Linköping. August 2012. The exhibition inkludes artists: Ewa Einhorn, Jeuno Je Kim, Nuria Güell, Iman Issa, Karen Land Hansen, Anna Lundh, Monika Marklinger, Bjorn Melhus, Daniel Peltz, Daniela Ortiz and Santiago Sierra

Meeting of Architects Without Borders, taking place inside the exhibition space of Canvassing, curated by Kristina Müntzing and Kalle Brolin. Gothenburg May 2012.

Opening of the exibition Canvassing at Konstepedemiens main gallery. Curated by Kalle Brolin and Kristina Müntzing. An exhibition with contemporary artists and researchers who study cityplanning through citizen initiatives. Artworks combined with casestudies. Included artists and researchers: Maria Draghici, Anders T Carlsson, Emma Corkhill, Malin Bogholt, Henric Benesch, Daniel Grizelj and Sören Thilo Funder.

Working on public sculpture for Varla school in Kungsbacka. Completed September 2013

Working together with Kalle Brolin in the IASPIS studios in Stockholm. April-September 2012


Participating with the work CTAYKA at the Biennale of Shiryaevo, Russia, co-curated by Martin Schibli, Kalmar Konstmuseum CTAYKA -a DIY film/shadow theatre made with Kalle Brolin and kids from Shiryaevo.With the kind support from IASPIS. August 2011

Showing New Bastards at Konstforum in Norrkoping, Sweden- an exhibition with my sister Martina Muntzing September 2011

Participating with Global Patterns at OpenArt Orebro June 2011

Showing the lightbox Panoramadingdong at Gallery Arnstedt, Ostra Karup, Sweden,May 2011

Groupshow at Hamnmagasinet in Varberg, Sweden, curated by Anna Johansson, March 2011

Research residency at CRIR, Christiania in Copenhagen, Denmark, to work on Immediate solution and instant architecture - research for a handbook, May 2011


Panoramadingdong - an artbook I have made will be launched in Malmo at Gallery 21 on the 26:th of November.
The issue is published by Test and is a double issue, with Andreas Poppelier. The books can be found at Konstig, Stockholm and Eskilstuna konstmuseum, among other places.

October 2:nd-10:th. Art in the city, sculpture in public space in the city of Helsingborg.
Actor Carsten Brosjo was inside the walking sculpture Dalhemlingen during the time of the exhibition. Arranged by Konstforeningen in Helsingborg, the city of Helsingborg and Dunkers kulturhus. Blog at In collaboration with Kalle Brolin.

CAC conceptual art centre Bukovje in Slovenia presents a Swedish videoprogram in Celje which includes Potential Place a video made by me and Kalle Brolin after a research trip to Kaliningrad, Russia.

September 2010 Nordic DeLight at Swedish Institute in Paris, curated by Sinziana Ravini with participating artists Patrik Bengtsson, Carl Boutard, Leander Djønne, Martin Formgren, Daniel Grizelj, Fredric Gunve, Maja Hammarén, Goran Hassanpour, Martin Jacobson, Klara Källström,
Pia Mauno, Kristina Müntzing, Katarina Nitsch, Ylva Ogland, Lovisa Ringborg, Joanna Rytel och Fredrik Söderberg.
I´m showing the etno-futuristic installation Object Unknown. With kind support from Iaspis

September 9:th Panel disscussion around the exhibition with the participating artists, Sinziana Ravini, Sara Arrhenius, Gaël Charbau, Tone Hansen and Emilie Renard

September 2010 The collective novel Tennslottet will also be launched September 8:th. The novel is written by all the artists participating in Nordic Delight together with Sinziana Ravini.

Last weeks for the show at Kiasma Common things ends September 12:th

June 3:rd to August 15:th 2010 Society as a thought at Växjö konsthall together with Kalle Brolin, showing the works Building Blox and Global Patterns. With kind support from Konstnarsnamnden. Also showing the installation To: From: in the park in front of the konsthall.

Working on an artistbook for TEST, double issue launches October 2010 with Andreas Poppelier. The books can be found among other places in Konstig, Stockholm and Eskilstuna konstmuseum.

October 2010 Art in the city, sculpture in public space at Knutpunkten, Helsingborg

April 2010 participating in Common Things Contemporary Art from Finland and Sweden at Kiasma, curated by Pirkko Siitari, other artists include Anna Ekman, Tellervo Kalleinen & Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen, Jari Silomäki, Astrid Svangren, and Ulrika Minami Wärmling

Working on Global Patterns for the exhibition Society As A Thought at Växjö Konsthall in June 2010, project supported by Konstnärsnämnden

August 2010 Participation in the Gangway online magazine, issue 40 Expatriots edited by Helen Lambert

Upcoming show Perpetuum Mobile at Gothenburg Art Museum in 2011

January 2010 participating in Born Identity at Norrtälje Konsthall, curated by Daniel Werkmäster

September 2009 showing Global Patterns and Cartoñeros at 1a Space Hong Kong in the show Domestic Affairs curated by Green/Kyander. There is a catalogue produced for the show.

Autumn 2009 working on various projects in Istanbul, among others producing Global Patterns with fundings from the Swedish Arts council.

September 2009 participation in a sculpture project Perspektiv - konst i stadsrummet curated by Anna Johansson with the walking sculpure Sodervarnlingen who can be seen during a 10 day-long performance in the city of Malmo, Sweden.

August 2009 Fragility, installation shown at gallery Arnstedt til September 20:th

August 21st Board member of Scen 40329; opens with installation by Johanna Tymark, videos by Cecilia Lundqvist and performance by Stina Pettersson, in Höganäs, Sweden

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June 2009 TO: FROM: shown as outdoor installation at gallery Arnstedt throughout the summer, with new version of wall newspaper for the TO: FROM: installation - interview with Julian D'Angiolillo, graphic design by All The Way To Paris

June 2009 Ei Saa Päittää at Eskilstuna Konstmuseum Finnish and Swedish contemporary art curated by Göran Green and Jukka Viberg

April 2009 Fifty Year Jubilee show at Gallery 54, Gothenburg

March - May 2009 SIK Spridd Isolerad Konst at Kalmar Art Museumg

NO BORDERS (Just N.E.W.S.*),
Museu Valencia de la Festa, Valencia/ Algemesi, Spain November 2008 and in january 2009 at Faculty of Arts in Cuenca, Spain

March 2009 finishing a public sculpture at Karrdalsskolan, Gothenburg, comissioned by the city of Gothenbug, Sweden

Bellmanlarssonlindstromnord, Gothenburg, Sweden December 2008

February 2009 groupshow at Kalmar Art Museum, featuring part of TO: FROM:

January-February 2009 working on various projects in Buenos Aires, Argentine and together with Kalle Brolin preparing for a screening with Swedish artists at the Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires

October-November 2008 working on various projects in Vasa, Finland

Outdoor installation TO: FROM: at TEMPO Skien May 31 - October 4 2008, Telemarkens Kunstnersentrum Skien/Norway, curated by Anne Szefer Karlsen

New Swedes European Tour continues at NO BORDERS (Just N.E.W.S*) June 2008 at CACT, Centre of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki/Greece

Next stop: Valencia, November 2008

AICA published catalogue, text on New Swedes by Ann-Charlotte Glasberg-Blomqvist

Working on various projects in Buenos Aires/Argentina, December-February 2007-2008

AICA selected for European Exhibition of Young Artists NO BORDERS (Just N.E.W.S*)
February 2008 at La Centrale Electrique, European Centre for Contemporary Art, Brussels/Belgium

Spread for Aluma, magazine sold by homeless people in Malmö, January 2008

Teaching workshop at C.C. Rojas in Buenos Aires/Argentina, December 2007

Cartoneros in solo-exhibition at gallery Ping Pong, Malmö/Sweden, October 2007

Reviews of Cartoneros

Screening recent Argentinian artvideos as a satelliteproject for the Gothenburg Biennale, November 2007

Wildlife Around Eman at Between Fairytale And Reality in Hogsby, Kalmar Art Museum, August-September 2007

Poster for the film Showing Roof Girls by Kalle Brolin at La Panera in Lleida/Spain and at Belef, Belgrade/Serbia, July-August 2007

Solo-exhibition at Agence Borderline, Luxembourg, June 2007

Public sculpture for Gothenburg City, at Karrdalsskolan 2007-2008

Working on various projects in Buenos Aires/Argentina, December-February 2006-2007

Participating in the Photography Biennale in Kaliningrad/Russia, with the slideshow Teufelsberg , February 2007

Public sculpture Olle I Överskogen installled at emergency ward of Alingsås hospital, February 2007

Election Posters at Cashbox, Galleri BOX in Gothenburg/Sweden, December 2006

reverence monitor