Cartoneros, a film 37 min - a story touching exoticism, how to understand the other, recycling, creativity, and how to make art. The story stylistically flirts with detective classics like Sam Spade and the construction of a fairytale. The images used in the film are totally eclectic: animations, still images and drawings are combined with photos by both others and myself. A dyslectic pedagogical hearing comprehension for a tilted story.

In 2001 Argentina was put through their most recent national trauma, the economical, political and social collapse as a result of a tough neo-liberal economic system. Thousand of people had to leave their homes and were forced to live in the streets, collecting cardboard and paper to sell and get some money. Even though the situation in Argentina is a lot better now, a large amount of people still live on and in the streets as Cartoneros, the cardboard people.

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