Curry Wurst features a trash pile full of discarded objects, all sewn from the cloth in laundybags. The material of laundry bags contains a history of transfer and precariousness. The Kiosks are 2.20 m high, 1.85 wide and 1.60 in depth. Everything else is in natural sizes. Shown at Arnstedt&Kullgren in Östra karup, Sweden, Quartair - centre for contemporary art in Den Haag, the Netherlands and at Wuthering Heights in Malmö, Sweden

Street Suit, 2006. Made from the cloth in laundrybags. Shown at the Social Forum 2006, Pictura in Lund, Sweden

Big Bag, 2006. Oversized laundry bag 170 cm high, 35 cm in depth and 140 cm wide. Could be used as a place of safety, or as a tent. Shown at the Moss Biennale.

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